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Born in a country where awesome beauty abounds, Tim was surrounded by the vastness and overwhelming majesty of New Zealand’s landscape. It is here where he was first inspired to express nature’s limitless splendor through his art.

While living in Europe for over two years, Howe was able to experience the change of the landscapes throughout every season. He became so enamored with the region that he established a studio in Barcelona, Spain.

Howe’s works reflect his contemporary interpretation of landscapes, showcasing his unique ability to incorporate the disciplines of both Abstraction and Impressionism. There are no boundaries in nature, therefore sometimes the lines are blurred…his artistic expressions lie between the two. The result is a varied body of work that skillfully blends nature between seemingly opposing viewpoints while merging two aesthetics into one.

By incorporating dramatic use of colour and texturing, Howe captures his subject matter with a unique contemporary flair. With vivid accents and lively vigorous brushstrokes Howe continues his search for new images of familiar subjects.

“I’m predisposed to thinking in terms of images as either positive or negative shapes, while isolating the most important colours. I see this as a more graphic and more contemporary way of painting. I find myself utilizing nature’s shapes and images and interpreting them on canvas in a bolder, more graphic way for maximum effect.?br>
Howe is an ambitious painter whose unusual blending of styles attracts both the traditional and contemporary collector alike. There is never a limit his subject matter, his techniques, or his stylistic development. This philosophy, along with his aesthetic spirit, will always allow him to bring fresh interpretations and new energies to his work.

Howe is currently living and working in Napa, CA.

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